So i guess summer is here

Summer is here, and depending on where you live in the world that statement can mean two very different things for climbers, it can be a good thing... or a kinda shitty thing. For us Queenslander's, summer is that time of the year when climbing becomes more time conscious. We get up earlier to beat the sun, so we are done by the heat of the day, or we strategically organise it so we arrive at the crag in the arvo, climbing into the night with a headtorch. We do not. REPEAT. do not. climb in the middle of the day. Or if we do expect us to whinge about it for the next week to people who dont actually care that we were silly enough to scorch ourselves on a rock face in the heat of the day in the first place. We also pick our crags carefully, and take extreme care to climb at the time of day the the wall experiences shade. Extra brownie points are given to the driver if afterwards a swim is sorted at any of the watering holes that we can see, like a mirage, glistening in the distance while we are baking on the wall. And a quick pit stop at a bottle-o for an ice cold beer is just common-place, obviously. You can be sure that when summer really kicks in a Queensland climber can tell you how many days to go until its not a suicide mission heading to Frog, or walking into pages. I love you summer, for the dips in the lakes and dams, and for the icecreams, and beach day bbq's, and night time outings without layering... But there are moments when i dont like you much at all. Summer, how you leave me so conflicted.

#summer #toohot #rockclimbing

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