There's a cave in our backyard!

If you had been to Urban Climb prior to September last year, you would have noticed the swarm of people enjoying the ever popular ‘cave’- the bouldering cave, training wall and 45 degree overhang. At about that time, Urban implementing a plan to create one of the best bouldering areas in Australia, and that involved removing the cave, the overhang, and training wall, and a little later, the mushroom. So what did my partner and I go out and do?.... we bought the monster cave. Included in that package was the overhang, the training wall, and enough mattresses to fill my house. After 3 long days of pulling it apart piece by piece (in such a way we would remember how to reassemble again), and a mammoth day of running back and forth in a hired truck transporting the mattresses and materials 30km to our home, it was finally home and ready to ensemble. We thought the hard stuff was over. Ha.

The ensemble of the cave cost us many lunches, dinner and cartons of beer (offerings for our unsuspecting friends who lent a hand in its construction), it meant many fights between my partner and I as we "discussed" how to put it together again. And even more arguments on how long it was taking. Long story short we finally worked out the puzzle and put it all back together again. We kept the inside of the cave as – is (every side is a 30-40 degree angle), we kept one side as the training side, but we didn’t set up the 45 degree overhang on the outside, instead we made it a slab with 90 degree overhang because my partner wants to set up a crack replica on it. We slapped on a roof of better quality than the one on our house, and we got rid of the excess mattresses which, for a while, were taking up every inch of floor space under our extra-large deck, piled quite literally from floor to roof. It still isn’t complete, we have been procrastinating on the small front triangular sections which will mean routes going from inside the cave, around the corner, and onto the outside. But for now we have a pretty sweet set up.

#bouldering #woodie #backyard #rockclimbing

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